Saturday, 19 December 2009

162. Laundry

Here is a quick blog post. The things I hate and love about doing laundry!
See, I was doing it... Then I got bored. So here I am.

Okay, before you start laughing, I do, do my own laundry okay. In fact, my aunt complains I do too much laundry! (Term 'laundry' can be discussed)

And really, my laundry only really consist of, either tossing my clothes in the pile downstairs. My pile, mind you.
Or, separate colours from white, regular clothes and delicates and turning both knobs, put some Washing Powder, add Softener, Press Start. Even a noob like me can do it. Do you do it?

But here are the things to love and hate about doing laundry.

Things to love : 
1. Discovering clothes long forgotten. Because they have been lying in the laundry room for way too long.

2. Discovering there are pockets to some of the clothes I wear 10 times already!

3. Occasionally, because I suck at doing my laundry... some unexpected size change in clothing size can do me good. If you buy a sweater 3 sizes to large, wash it Lisa style.

4. I loooooooove the smell of clean laundry. If you have got clean laundry on, I will sniff you. Ask Magnar, he knows.

5. Above all, its like an experiment with every load. Nothing beats the time I had a Calvin Klien? (Basically expensive) shirt that was both black and white. And I had absolutely no idea if it  to the black or white pile. Guess which one I put it into?
Yeah. You probably guessed right.

Basically that day, I also learn... DKNY jeans... uses way too too too too too too much colour dye. I kid you not, it still has colour runs after a year! And if it is both black and white, it belongs in the white. 

Things to hate :
1. My closet is really that small, that I don't have place to put anything. That is probably the only thing I hate.

No, I don't have too much clothes. I just don't have too much space.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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