Sunday, 13 December 2009

159. Curls!

This time made with a straightening iron! :)

There are a ton of Youtube videos to teach you how. Youtube it!
The last time, I remembered having this many curls was when I put my hair in braids and slept with it overnight!

Okay, sucks a bit that I have got black hair, you can't see the curls at all. But there is curls! I promise.

Hrm, how can I show you the curls,I wonder.
(No! I am not just posting no sense pictures of me...Or, maybe I am...)

Oh, I know I know! I got an idea.

I can point at it! See, how nice my curls are? Thats just one of it. Imagine 100 more, and ta-dah! My hair!

Ooooh, Lisa. You are so brilliant! 

Oh yes, I know. Brilliant.

Okay, enough with that. Well, it is my first try curling my hair with a hair straightener, so.. I guess for it to be my first try, it really isn't all too bad.

My only problem with it is that, I have quite a bit of hair, so it's harder to get it neatly done, as my hair acts like hooligans. They go everywhere even when I spray them with berrylicious hair spray.

Okay, I present to you, Lisa in Action again tomorrow.

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