Monday, 28 December 2009

166. Links

To Magnar's photoblog

He does have a ton of huge and clear pictures! I likeeeeeeeeee. <3
I am all for large images. But my Blogger template will not allow for that. So that sucks.
Oh well.

Oh, beware he also has the occasional wtf pictures. 
But search for your gem and might find it right!

Now, I need to go make Magnar master Fashion Photography and I think we might have a recipe for a successful Satorialist-esque blog. That I want to start! 

Next time, I think I'll link you to more Fashion and Photography blogs. I just got to scramble through them and link to the ones definitely worth checking out.

In any case, I am home and happy back in Bodung, Norway!
Denmark was great, but also more on that later.

For now, I got to get dress so I can go out and buy myself this for tomorrow. 
You like?

I know it was on sale in the Danish online store, but lets hope the Norwegian store carries them too!

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