Friday, 25 December 2009

165. White Christmas

Picture credit : Magnar

We are having quite a White Christmas this year here in Denmark. It is snowing like crazy! And I love it.
Today the plan is to just lie in bed and eat candy apparently. I dont have any complains towards that but I think the weighing scale might 

We are going to head home on the 27th, so that is soon!

As much as I love it here in Denmark just lazing around and doing nothing, I am missing some .... control, some schedule, some activity! Oh, and I also miss my internet, bed, bolster amongst other things (oh you know, the usual) :)

That is nostalgia picture. My cousin and I from.... ages ago when they visited Malaysia.
On my Birthday! This was from my swimming days, you can clearly see my sunburn. :)

Presents are great this year, I love love love love it.
But Christmas is not all about presents right.

How have your Christmas been?
Oh and to all, Merry Christmas all <3

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