Wednesday, 30 December 2009

169. Electric Blue nails

I have been on such a Blue spree its insane.

I think the obsession started when I saw Marc Jacob's Stam bag in Stardust Blue.
And since I can't have the bag, I have to compromise in getting everything else in that shade of blue. And maybe one day I'll buy that bag! *cough When its season has past and I can get it on sale cough* 

The inspiration. Its really love at first sight. <3 :)

So, lately the only thing I buy are things that happen to be in the whole "electric blue" colour code.
And today, my "obsession" took a huge step and here I present you...

My electric blue nails. :)

You like?

Oh, and how come no one want to know anything weird and funny about me? :)
Ask me something on the previous blog post!

Oh, and here is a teaser photo I found on Sofie's blog 

Aww, even I thought we were cute. 

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