Sunday, 20 December 2009

163. Christmas Presents!

I believe I am surrounded by the most wonderful people anyone could have ever asked for.

Every time Christmas comes I get such a cosy loved feeling thats just ... simply magical.

And if that is not enough, they also always seem to give me a lot of awesome things as gifts, though I don't necessarily expect it.

Anyways, It almost makes me feel bad I didn't put in as much thought into things as I should! But remind me sometime to at least write a Thank You letter to them all.

I know it is not Christmas yet, but I usually can neither wait nor able to open them exactly on Christmas eve. For one, its tradition to celebrate Christmas in Denmark and that is where I am heading to tomorrow! And since we usually do not lug along extra baggages unless necessary, I usually rip open my presents the moment I get them or I cannot open them till the New Year!

Also, since last year and the year before I didn't spend Christmas at home thus didn't get as much gifts as I usually do, it's funny to start getting all this gifts again this year!

(I can only wonder what it must be like to come from a bigger family, and get even more presents... the amount of paper you would have to waste must be quite significant! And poor mum and dad who has to buy all that gifts!)

You know what I think is craziest thing about Christmas presents?
Is that, you get gifts for being... you.

I really believe that I am truly blessed and quite lucky.

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