Tuesday, 1 December 2009

151. December already?

So, it is now December already. Omg!
Can you really believe it?
2009 is coming to an end. Already?

I don't want to get nostalgic yet, I can keep that for my New Year's speech instead. *cough

I took a trip to Oslo earlier today with Munchkin even though I made a self vow that I will not see him for a week! It's a personal thing. Hard to explain. Basically, he is having his mocks now, so I thought it would be best I didn't "distract" him further.

I get too engulfed in doing random shitzzz, that by the time we realize what time it is, its usually time to head home. I hate how time flies!

But today is Day 2. The day I failed.

Magnar is like smoking, you cannot stop. And since I don't smoke, he is a little bit like my personal addiction. *Note to self : Blog is not a place for you to be mushy Lisa! Learn already!

*Okay, I stop now.

Random picture on train that I actually really like!

Remember how I say Norway is set to go for Christmas, this is how the main street of Karl Johan looks like during Christmas time :)

(I was contemplating on being in the pictures too, but today is such a Bad Outfit Day *shy)

Had to upload all 3 pictures to do justice to Magnar's photography seeing that he actually waited till the sun set a little bit to get the picture of the lights and all. 
*Sigh, people with DSLR. They stop learning to just Point-and-shoot.

Okay, tired already. And my Farmville farm needs harvesting.
I'll blog more tomorrow! :)

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