Monday, 7 December 2009

155. Pictures

Attempting the big hair. Failed.
Inspired from this 

Random pictures from my phone :)

Its always like this, it is either I have way too much to do, or nothing at all. These days, I am actually busy. That should explain the lack of blog posts?

In the past week, I have taken a trip to Lillehamer for a day which I should be blogging about sometime. Made some Christmas presents, attended the Hjelmstad's Christmas workshop today and lazing around being happy.

I am truly contented right now with everything, I don't know if I could even wish for anything more this Christmas except for everything to stay the same.

So, to keep this short and simple. Here are some random random random pictures from ages ago finally uploaded from my phone.

Magnar's Birthday Sporks.

Carl I. Hagen inside the FRP building

Because the usual 4/12/2009 is just too boring for Lisa.

Hot Cocoa!

Cake from the job interview I didn't get :(

Favorite fast food, ever! Whole Wheat Pasta, Brocolli and Tofu!

Oh, how did that get in there? Haha!

Jegersupper, the most amazing soup I have ever had. Possibly.

Inside the Lost and Found at Gardemoen Airport

Inside one of the Geocaches :)

Okay, tata. I got to go already.

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