Friday, 1 January 2010

172. Resolution '10

So, here are the list of things I wish shall achieve in January 2010 and hopefully manage to carry them out throughout the year and develop into a better person all together.

1. Swear less or none at all
 I am fully aware that I say words like fuck and shit and damn you a bit too often for even my own liking. Its not that I want to say those words, they are just words I use so often they become a pronoun in my vocabulary. This has to stop.

2. Be dressed better
I think dressing better does a lot of wonders, you feel much better, you carry yourself with more confidence, people take you a bit more seriously, etc. etc.

3. Make some new friends
I am starting uni again in 2 weeks, and this semester I intend to get to know some new people that hopefully shares a lot of the same interest as me. I shall be more acceptable to other peoples different personalities and persona's.

4. Get myself a new schedule book
Get a new schedule book, write in it and stick to it.
I used to be so good at this, but that obsession died out. I got to get myself together and start again. I need to stop procrastinating!

5. Spend more quality time with Munchkin not quantity
Enough said?

6. Read read read read read more.
I am hoping I get to read a lot more when I start University again. I am thinking if I can read at least a book a week, that could be quite nice. I love reading, but sometimes I read the most... un-educational books you can possibly imagine

7. Lead a healthier lifestyle.
Exercise, wake up early, sleep enough, eat properly and all that drill.

8. Take up some winter sport activities.
This one might be hard for I hate skiing. But, I also know Winter break is soon. And, I want nothing more than to go up to the mountains and ski.

9. Stop being so paranoid and think less.
I can drive myself crazy sometimes thinking of all sorts of situations which is more often than not, not true at all. I need to stop that. Be more open and understanding.

10. Live

Check back in a month to see how I am progressing!

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