Saturday, 30 January 2010

201. Music Plug

Picture by Magnar

I am starting to wonder if my Music Plugs are actually worthwhile afterall. Haha!
But I enjoy having them on my blog, so I think I am going to continue with it for a while :)

Lenka, Gravity Rides Everything 

So, in terms of update. I actually spent today with Magnar's mum + her sister + her friend. 
Ignore how weird that sounded, it was actually really fun. 
If you ever met her, you'll know she is quite the laid back cool kind 
Oh, with loads of proverbs I honestly think are made up by the Scots and not used anywhere else, but she doesn't always get that. And thus I don't always get her. 

It was an absolute random meet up, to a quick coffee break, to grocery shopping, to pizza making.

All because my excellent friends have prior plans though they did plan to meet up. Or in other words, I was ditched in some way by Marius and Torbjørn. And Magnar was up in the mountains somewhere skiing. Haha! 

Pfft! So yeah that was my day. Torbjørn did make up for it later though, by meeting me and buying me Green Tea!

Another random note : Magnars dad called me from India today, very... strange to say the least. He was in a saree shop in India and wondered what saree I wanted as they had a million different kinds or something. 

I was partly kidding when he asked me what I wanted from India the other day, because who ever takes me seriously? 

How can they not be any more random but awesome? 

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