Saturday, 30 January 2010

199. Cheongsam!

I had a quick Skype session with my mum yesterday and probably the only important thing she said to me was "I already ordered your Cheongsam, you better not put on weight" *Super sigh.

I had my measurements taken last June. And like most traditional costumes I think they are made to fit. So, I can only hope for the best! My mum is not coming here till June the 22nd anyways. So I do have some time to get myself toned up!

I remembered specifically, being extremely picky at the tailor and wanted it made with proper silk, with a large slit on the sides, definitely knee length, red colour with black hooks, a cut on the top with a slid, the list went on and on and on. Haha!

In case you don't know what a Cheongsam is, it is the traditional Chinese costume. And let me introduce you to my best friend, Google. He shall help you with the rest. (incase you haven't met him before)

So, now that is done. I have only a few more traditional clothes I need to get. The Malay Kebaya is definitely next on the list. I also got my measurements colour choices and what nots taken for this one, now its just up to my mummy to go get it done and I am sure she will get it done before she comes here in a few months. My mummy is kinda cool like that sometimes :)

Final note : I woke up today with some takers on my Cartoonize Me "competition". Its so cute and awesome! All the random people sending me their pictures, Haha! :D

Sorry for the lousy posts, I got to go to Torbjørn organized FrP propaganda meet at the Skedsmo Rådhus about ... now.

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