Sunday, 17 January 2010

178. Sunday!

*Tune into Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 :) I make it compulsory to tune into this song every Sunday morning so my days are happier.

I dont really have anything awesomely extra ultra happening in my life lately, except perhaps trying to decide if I should try a semester in the Maths and Science faculty in the Uni of Oslo after all.

See, when I applied for the Maths and Science faculty, I was sure I wouldn't get in. Mainly because that faculty asses you differently and you had to "qualify" and not just get accepted based on your IB Diploma. And lets face it, I didn't do that well on my Science papers. Just average mediocre. :)

But to my upmost surprise, I did get accepted. After I have decided that I wanted to do something within the Humanitarian (?) area.

But, I decided that based on the idea that I wouldn't get into the Maths and Science faculty. See the dilemma?

And problem as always, I still dont know what I want. But that is why I have this semester to figure out.
So, I am going to throw myself out there and try different things. But what do I try?

So, after considerable consideration. I have decided, I am going to go for it. I am going to take up the offer to do a semester at the Maths and Science faculty even though they are not really my greatest subjects, I think I am going to give it a try. :)

*Oh, and incase I change my mind later. I have already signed myself up to do a class in Buddhists-m(?) and Political and Cultural Development. But I know, in a week or two. I would be made to choose just one faculty.

Wtf right?
*Keep reminding self : Try try try. And the point of this semester is to try right? So, if I know this is too hard for me. I wouldn't have to do doing it for the next 5 years, Righttttttttttt?
*smacks self in the head.

I think I am going to go find my Kutiepoompkinpie™ later. He is always a good distraction.

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