Wednesday, 20 January 2010

181. Music Plug

Cakes! *sigh. So good, yet so... good.

I made that! With Johanne! :)
Okay made is an over-rated term. I ensemble is more like it. But shhh! No one needs to know. :)

I got this from Rohini's Facebook :) Figured I shared it.
I love it when covers are made with originality and puts a different take on the song instead of just literally "re-singing?" it. Because if I wanted a re-singing, I would Youtube Nichole337. :)

Anyways, A very interesting rendition of The Killers, When You Were Young by The Noisettes

Anyways lovelies, I got to go to my first class in a really really really long time. I wonder if I had any brain cells left really.

And if you have not followed my Twitter, my first class after all these time is... LATIN.
*Stop sniggering you. :)

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