Wednesday, 20 January 2010

182. First day!

Of University! Last time I was in College.

Today was my first day ever, and as of now I love it. I seriously thrive on productivity :) Brain stimulation is always great.

I am still a bit sad that I cannot take all the courses I wanted too because they clash with another course I want just as bad. But I think I am doing all I can right now. So I shouldn't be too hard on myself?

I havent fully decided what I am doing this semester except Latin, because I love it. For now.
Strange, seeing I don't understand one bit. But neither did anyone else in that class (sort of).

The teacher/lecturer/professor was really nice and understanding towards the new Latin takers because it is so true what she said "There will be people who are good in Latin from before, and people who knows nothing from before, but think of it, if they were really that good, do you think they would be in the basic beginners class when there are 3 other levels?" :)

So yay. I got some homework today too. Just basic translation only I dont have a dictionary to help me. So, internet world, please be nice to me.

I got to go do some work now, will update later.
I am sorry I haven't been updating anything much except basic daily rants. But I have been really busy lately. Only blog post I have left drafted and not posted, is the one I wrote for Magnarboy. :)

Yes, basically. I am a bit happier now then I was in my previous school. :)

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