Saturday, 30 January 2010

200. End of January!

*Scratch catching the train to meet Torbjørn on time, I blame my black pumps. They are not make for walking or running in my case.

Can you believe January is already coming to an end? Remember my Resolution '10 for January?
So, its the end of the month, and as promised time for my personal evaluation!

1. Swear less or none at all
I would like to think this was a complete success. I swear so much lesser, and when I do it, I actually notice it, thus prompting me to stop. Hopefully I'll just continue swearing less and less.

2. Be dressed better
Definitely a success. I actually know what to wear everyday. Or in other words, I put on things that make me feel better. Costing me alot more money as well though.

3. Make some new friends
One day I'll introduce you to Stian and Robin! Really awesome folks!

4. Get myself a new schedule book
Checked. Followed and stick to everything I write in it. I still procrastinate a bit sometimes, but it's getting better!

5. Spend more quality time with Munchkin not quantity
We have been so busy lately, we haven't actually had much time so to do much. But the times we do spent together are completely amazing. So I guess, this was kind of a success too?

6. Read read read read read more.
I read, The Piano Teacher by Elfiede Jelinek (?) and The Dark Room by I forgot. Guess on this one I could do better. But I truly have been so busy with everything else! 

7. Lead a healthier lifestyle.
How does one judge the success rate on this one? 

8. Take up some winter sport activities.
Enough said? 

9. Stop being so paranoid and think less.
I have been really happy the past month. I have made decisions that I thought carefully about and they are decisions I choose to stick by.

10. Live
Refer to point 9 : I have been happy. And isn't that what life is really all about?

Time to make some new resolutions for next month later today! 

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