Thursday, 21 January 2010

183. Potato Potato

This is possibly the dance where Johanne said to me afterwards how much fun it is to dance with Magnars dad because he really spins you around and you feeling like flying. (Something around those lines?)
Cheap thrills. Haha! :)

What's the song you tune into when you are feeling down?
 I think I should compile a few more playlists based on music and mood.

I know when I am feeling really sad/moody/confused and what not. And (off the top my head) these songs, doesnt exactly make it better but I listen to it anyways. One is allowed to wallow when needed, no?

Paolo Nutini, Last Request

Delayed Devotion, Duffy

I am sure there are a few more, but I cant seem to remember what they were!
What songs do you tune into when you are feeling a bit down?

*No, I am not feeling down or anything. I am kinda happy today actually. Haha!
Last Request was just playing and I remembered how I use to listen to it a lot when I was in Sweden with Sharanna! Kinda funny story really. Keep that for another day.

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