Sunday, 24 January 2010

185. Saturday out in Oslo

This is a funny picture, since I can barely skate and I couldn't stop!
It was either I choose to fall on the ground or grabbed hold onto a random dude.
Obviously I chose..

Yesterday was actually kind of awesome. It was a bit of an impromptu date with Magnarboy. :)
Basically, it first involved some ice skating in Oslo, some warm Hot Chocolate at Mövenpick, walkabouts and a great great time.

Funny, how I remembered when I was younger, I saw dates like this in the movie and wondered if I would ever be lucky enough to actually be able to do them too, and now I have.
And, lucky for me too, I brought along an amazing company.

I really liked the pictures, I wish Magnar would tell me beforehand that he was going to bring along the camera! Then I could "beautify" myself first! Hrmph.

Then, we met up with Torbjørn and Marius later, and had some kebab and McDonalds!
By the time I was home, I was absolutely knackered from the days event. But I loved every minute of it!

Magnar is sometimes quite right, events less planned is sometimes the best kind :)


kenwooi said...

there's is one ice skating ring here is leeds, but i never try..
the one in sunway i also didnt try before.. =P

Lisa! said...

Are you in Leeds?
I have a friend who is currently studying at the Uni of Leeds! :D
Are you there too?


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