Thursday, 7 January 2010

175. New job!

Pictures from The Lens of Johanne.

So, the reason why I am relatively quite busy these days is because I have gotten myself a new job! In addition to the other 3 jobs I already have. Currently I am also working as a babysitter (lack of a better word). Basically, I babysit 3 hours each time, 3 times a week.

So, basically my week schedule looks like this for now.
Monday : Help a super adorable cute lady vacuum her home in Kløfta
Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays : Babysit in Årnes
Wednesday/Friday : Work at the canteen at the Chocolate Factory
Somewhere in between my week : Have a great time with Rona

Oh and somewhere is all these, I have got school full time too in the morning. Excellent.

So these days, my schedule is a bit more jam packed than usual. But I am loving it. I thrive on making plans, schedules and being productive. So jobs are an aphrodisiac. I love it.

Of course, It does get a little annoying at times when you want to spend it with your friends/hang out and what nots, but I guess all in all, it always pay out when I receive my pay checks.
And I do have the weekends completely free to do whatever my heart desires.

The freedom of actually earning your own money is awesome!
And, my trip to Paris so I can go buy my Louis Vuitton Speedy is not free.
Or fly to New York to walk down 5th Avenue again and look for my Marc Jacob's Stam bag.

So, looking at the bigger picture. It is all good.

So, do you work too?
I am ranting because I got to go now. The folks need some entertaining.
And I feel like catching up with a very cute boy who I feel lives a bit further away these days.

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