Wednesday, 1 July 2009

060. Hodge Podge

Was going to continue with my random bablings from last post, but then I realize, that really was getting nowhere. Thus, in order to preserve the very last bits of dignity I have left, I should stop.

It's so hard to stop being ridiculous. Almost as hard as it is to be more lady-like. The Boy should know my quest to stop cursing is really getting me nowhere either. Haha!

Us at Chowrasta Market

Mum's camera skills could use some improvement, definitely.

Meet Rohini, TGI Fridays.

Next post : Long forgotten pictures from ages ago. :)

*I was thinking lately, since I have really nothing serious to do this summer vacation, I could once again take up Mandarin, so I can officially claim I understand that language too! So, where do you reckon they sell basic Mandarin conversation books in Norway? 

** Other than that, I was also thinking of going by the river to finish up The-Know-It-All. That book really is hilarious. Loving it. I am almost tempted to start reading the Britannica after reading his book. But I am not crazy enough. Haha! 

Sitting by the lake or anywhere else but home could sometimes be the best place on earth to just get wallowed into a book. 

Or we can go waste our time over at Nebben! :) Almost just as good.

I had to make this more about me right! 
I want my hair to be like that again. :(

***Another random note : If you've read my Twitter status, you would have know how the uncle and I manage to somehow fix the surround sound so it now works with my Mac on Bluetooth. Yay! So now I can blast my music like crazy!

Now, only if we manage to figure out how to fix the TV back to normal. We kinda, messed it up. Yeah... 

***Last one, have you ever had the problem of remembering the lyrics to a song that was played on the telly, and when you want to Google it, you cannot remember the freaking lyrics!


Minny Chan said...

Girl, how long did you take to make your banner?!
and thanks for the comment..
you seem like you're enjoying yourself so much in Norway! wish i could visit ;)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Hey Minny!
About, 3 seconds. Haha!
It's an app you download for your computer, I cannot recall the name of that app now, but I'll check and get back to you ASAP! :)

Norway is rockin' awesome these days, Yes :)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

To Minny, use this app :)
Its mighty awesome!


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