Friday, 24 July 2009

073. Photobooth moments

*Bimbo-tic post coming up!
First up, picture of me and Johanne's present for me from USA!
Not like you can see it, but I'll make another post for it sometime later.
Which I absolutely love! ♥

Guess what happened today?
Are you ready?
Wait for it.
Wait for it.

So, there was this random dude, who just decided to come over to the middle of nowhere *coughBodungcough* to see me! And if you know Norway, Bodung is not really even on the map! 

Anyways, he also happen to be quite a looker, so I guess it's okay. Nice to see some new faces here now and then right. In fact, if I must say, he is über cute.
So, this dude just randomly appeared and downloaded Up! for me, and as seen in my Twitter tweet. It's a new Disney/Pixar movie I want to watch. 

Then, he proceeded to surfing the web and downloading even more apps to corrode my Macbook even more! Then he left, as he had to go to his Grandmother's place in Lillehamer for the weekend.

The end.
What do you mean, there was no storyline or climax or anything?
Helloooo? Were you reading? :)

That is pretty much as much excitement as I would get today really. 
Unless later, as we go grocery shopping! Perhaps I would knock another isle of grocery down. I am sure that would be fun, but I'll remember to tell you!

I wouldn't count on it though. 

So, anyways I can't seem to decide who looks cuter. 

Mr. Sexxy Todd
Double XX's. Thank You very much.

Mr. Random Guy on street
I really don't know who this guy is. :)

I already know my winner. The competition didn't even come close. :)

Geez, I must be some kind of bored. 
Oh, and this "random guy" doesn't know what I wan't for my birthday. So, you can stop asking him. Poor thing. :)

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