Monday, 27 July 2009

075. Almost a century

My Poladroid application has ran it's demo version time. Ugh! What can I do? I need a license or maybe, not
*runs to Magnar! Extra license? None?, Can you get one?

Now, yesterday was a rather interesting day. We learnt a little bit of how to dance the swing. Since I don't exactly have any pictures, it isn't as awesome. Picture paints a thousand words right. And sometimes, my "poise and elegance", could only be believed if there was a proof. 
I'll see if I can get hold of some pictures soon!

Samordna's dateline has closed, and thus I can only hope I made the right decision. :)
We would not know this till, 365 days from now. Which could be a long time, and could not.My offer to Market høyskolen in Oslo is still open though. So for once more another maybe. 

For my birthday the folks have decided to take the cruise to Germany on the 15th. I have decided to pass on that though I think it was part of my present this year. Oh well, I know, if I did go. I could be quite sure to be allowed to pick whatever present I want. Only, last time I remembered, Germany really didn't have that much to offer. So, I think staying put is better. Plus, I have already booked a date with one of my favorite people. Guess I would be okay!

I am happy almost everyone said Yes to coming to my Birthday Party! You guys are awesome!

Hrm, I wonder if Johanne is coming with an overly elaborate cake again this year?
Can't I just get a cupcakes, with loads of cream and colourful sprinkles instead?
You know what! I'll do that myself thus, this year my Birthday cakes would be little cupcakes! 

* Please excuse my Jabberwocky post. I just felt like pending some of this stream of thoughts down.
** And if you are accessing from , I know its weird, but we are working on it. 


Catzy said...

So what is the final decision?
I'll try to post some swing vids and piccies soon ;)

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Decision is to take a gap year. Hopefully land myself a job, 9-5 or something. Work like some no life freako.
But since my PR visa, is running out soon, I might have to go to school,if I can't find a job in a month or so. Haha!

Catzy said...


We have to find you a job in a hurry then!
Hope you'll figure it out soon!


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