Monday, 6 July 2009

063. Construction demolished

Apparently fizzing up my HTML and XHML is so much harder then I ever thought it would be. Thus, I am on the verge of just giving up and keeping to my nice minimalists-tic and functional template. Why will things not work out when I need them to work out most? And don't Murphy's Law me! 

Oh the joy.

I really am just looking for a really clean simple template, but that is obviously too hard to ask for. I just can't wait till I learn all these myself! 

So, any of you people out there wants to help me with this, your help is much appreciated. I might even consider showing my gratitude over some PayPal money. :) Simply because,the amount of hours I end up using to modify templates and then finding out that they do not work after-all, could really be used to do something more productive. Like finding a job. For that matter, I honestly would rather be cleaning my room. 

Hear me rant tomorrow about how my quest of finding a blog template failed miserably. I could probably also tell you which sites you can trust, and which sites which the templates are made so you cannot alter anything on it. Oh well. Seriously, Photoshop license anyone? I refuse to pay for it. Surprise, surprise. 

*I take that back, I found a better webpage to help me now. So stay tuned. I have higher and better faith this time around. Though, I still really want my own Photoshop license if you do have one! :)

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