Wednesday, 8 July 2009

064. Pictures

Another random collages of pictures from everywhere. A little distraction before I bombard you with a non sensical LisaStyle tutorial on changing your blog templates. :)

Parasailing gives happiness perhaps?


I want that Nine West bag, back! 

I look so crappy here, but since the sister looks quite okay, I shall put this up anyways :)

I was just thinking today, maybe I should take that one year course in Photography after all. I don't necessarily take a good picture, but I love love love looking at pictures! I just spent like 3 hours yesterday looking at other people's Flickr pictures, and swooning all over it. Almost like what I did when I was window online shopping. Basically for now, photographs are at par with Tiffany, Coast, Coach and my Thomas Sabo. No way! Haha!

Damn, I am sure it's partly due to the people I hang out with. Grrr!

Lately, web designing, and photography seemed to be on the top my my list of things I love doing for fun. Maybe it's my version of a summer fling, but what if it is not? :) Should I perhaps take up that year course anyways? :)

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