Sunday, 5 July 2009

062. A 'island' less taken

Usually when I speaks of Oslo, we are instantly reminded of Karl Johan and the few streets that are around it. And after making one trip too many to Oslo, I  can honestly say it really does get rather boring. 

But I came to realize yesterday there is more to Oslo than the usual tourist places, and if your up for an a road less taken, try one of the islands! Take a 20 minutes walk towards the ports, then take a little boat trip out to the surrounding islands in the surrounding vicinity of Oslo.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Gressholmen. About 10 minutes out of Oslo.
Ticket to the island weren't exactly the cheapest, about 60 NOK both ways. But if you carry a monthly pass for the trains, you could get there for free. :) 

You would be surprise the amount of people that are there though!
So maybe, it is not so much a road less taken, but rather a hidden secret the Norwegian people don't always reveal. *coughthosedarnNorwegianscough*

Though here are my 2 cents worth, before going to that island.
  • Bring loads of water, they charge rip off prices for drinks, and the closest store is back in the mainland. 
  • Would also be advisable, to bring some munchies along. Always nice to be fed.
  • Once there, check when the boats brings you back too. You don't really want to be ship wrecked deliberately do you?
  • Suntan lotion, a definite must as finding a shady place might be difficult. 
  • If you have got small bladders, try and unload your bladder contents over on the mainland, as the only toilet on that island is a outdoor toilet. 
  • It is also not necessary to bring along a boomerang, unless you know how to actually throw it. You might just end up needing to waddle in the icky waters to retrieve it.
  • Swimming (at least at the place that we were at) is not possible. The bottom of that lake is, just simply gross. But I reckon, there were places that has a nice clean bottom. 
  • Bring along some long lost friends, and there will be some catching up to do to fill your time.
  • The birds there are friendly, if only you gave them some food. Though if you feed one bird, they tend to bring along 50 more *Damn those gate crashers. 
  • Lastly, wearing a white skirt is not advisable, as they tend to get real dirty by the end of the day.
That was about all the things I can think of right now, if you complete the check list above I am sure you would have a great time and an awesome experience. 

Wow Lisa, suntan much?
Picture credit : Sofie's blog

Sofie and Thomas

He does tend to be a bit acrobatic

I knew Martin was too quiet to be true. His secret is so busted now. :)

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