Thursday, 30 July 2009

077. Pictures

*I wonder if a certain someone would fix my domain already. still doesn't work! Hrmph!

Apparently my burnt scar looks like a heart shape. Yeah, no.

Some pictures from the recent weeks. Around Lillestrøm and with various so called 'props'. 
But mainly just pictures of us. :)

'Sephia-ing' things, can make rubbish looks good. Mmm!

Flowers :)

Somehow Johanne managed to climb all the way up there

Always nice to have some snacks. Oreo! :)
Twist, lick, dunk!

I had to be in one of the picture!

Ok, maybe 2 pictures.

Yeah! Marius is special. 

Johanne is even more special.

Ok, 3 picture. Promise, not so many more of me.

But, this is close-up. So it doesn't count!

Fine, 4 pictures.

Ok, 5 pictures.

Children do not attempt this anywhere! Leave it to the pro!

Ok, I lost count, what picture is this?

There, have it, your blackmail picture. I repay for all the spam pictures of me.

Cherries from the Hjelmstad garden is simply, not edible.

Look who we found at our photo session!
Smeagol! Why so happy?


Maggiekins! ♥

Sephia-ing, I like! So very vintage. :)

That's all for now, gotta' save some for future use too right! 

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