Wednesday, 22 July 2009

071. Pfft

Paparazzi picture of me and Tan Sri (insert even more ranks) Khoo Kay Khim
He probably thought I was some kind of funny whack.
He was mighty cool though, and very interesting person! 
Reminds me very much of Datuk Eddy Chong. :)

Sometimes life can be so hectic and busy, and sometimes life is just mellow-dramatic with me. Today is mellow day, so here I am again, on my blog. Not knowing what to do. 

I think maybe I should go for a quick run. Rephrase, walk. If I over achieve, maybe I'll jog. 

For the past couple of days I have been home at 1 am or even later even. 
Which is crazy, but the summertime, timetables for the trains is just simply annoying. 

A couple of days ago, I was over at Johanne's for some dinner of moose/elk stew. It was yummy. Tasted a little bit like beef really. Just slight more flavour. :)

Yesterday I spent some time with Magnarboy! Should I even bother with details?
Basically, it involves going to Ikea and McDonalds, me jumping around, the dude being cute and loads of fun. It always is. 

People don't get why we love going to Ikea so much, and never actually buy anything. But I say, some people just don't understand. Pfft. *coughwe'reboredtoocough*

We rented Burn After Reading and settle for some quiet night out on the couch.

Overall, a feel good movie. Wasn't like exceptionally good or anything but there was Brad Pitt and sexy George Clooney in it! 

Oh, incase this could be an interesting thing to know, 
I am reconsidering another year in the IB. Horror! But, yeah. I haven't decided, but I know Bergen this year is not it. So, I have a SAT somewhere in December, the LSAT somewhere in December too. And perhaps the IB, May of next year.

How else am I supposed to improve my grades, if I do not redo IB? Going to Markedhøyskolen, only gives me 2 points. Working and taking a gap year, doesn't give me any, except money. :)

According to the survey, University of Edinburgh admission this year had point range of 39-45 IB points. Should I give up and forget my dream? We shall see, maybe I can get admittance with my SAT scores instead? 

Decisions, decisions. Hate them.

Got to be a vain-pot to end this post :)


Nanie M. Ali said...

I love going to IKEA too! It's like, the best thing ever. LOL. I guess people might find us both weird no?

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Well, I love the children's section! And I love buying tissue papers, if anything.
They come in so many colours! and they are quite okay quality :D

*Note to self: Must go next week.

Anonymous said...

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