Monday, 13 July 2009

069. Oohlala

My internet is back! We are so dependent on technological advancement these days it's crazy. For the past couple of days, I thought that both the TV and internet was down. Which turned out it was not after all. And over at my place, there really is very few other forms of entertainment. 

Could you imagine the boredom?

So, when one is bored, you turn to movies! A couple of days ago, I caught Brüno!

Personally, I thought the movie was wrong in so many degrees, that it was absolutely funny. 
Go watch it, if you don't mind some horribly obscene scenes that you would laugh off! It's weird to think about the things I laughed at. Because, thinking back, it wasn't laughing material?

I cannot imagine Malaysian cinema's showing the uncensored version though. Naked people = Malaysia = Nah. Maybe it is even banned really.

You know, when there is a fine line of what you consider to be wrong, and pornographic, etc. And when you take that and cross it by 100 mile, I think things becomes really funny. This was one of it. It was so over the top it defies reasonable thinking.

The show also made me rethink the frequency of my usage of the word, über 

I am also very intrigue as too, how this was filmed? How did they manage to gather all those people?*Google to the rescue!*

Well, that was a couple of days ago, yesterday I watched The Strangers with Torbjørn.

I don't know, it was scary. But all horror movies are blu-deh scary to me anyways. No horror movie has yet to be scary enough as Child's Play though. 

Tor also had a copy of Silence of the Lamb. I wanted to watch that since I have read the book, but maybe some other time as I read that Silence of the Lamb was one of the scariest movie ever made. 

And Torbjørn isn't exactly the best person to watch it with. Haha!

Tor's dinner of ice cream. Seriously.

Right, besides my movies, yesterday my aunt thought it could be nice to go strawberry picking "around the corner" to kill some time.

I jumped at the sight of that idea, I mean, I have never seen a strawberry plantation! And it was within walking distance! Mind you, 2 km's. Plus, I was bored to no end. So why not?

Basically, means strawberry. 
Strawberry plantation

Can you guess which buckets I help filled?
Winner gets some strawberries!

Aunt, Leks's hard work. All 8kg of it.

So, I guess we would be eating strawberries with everything for the next few days. Or maybe I could give, another attempt to taking that excellent strawberry picture! 


ching said...

those strawberries are big @.@

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Well, we picked it ourselves, so we picked the red-est, big-est ones? :D

Come here one day! We can go again!


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