Monday, 27 July 2009

076. Sinfully orgasmic muffins

So, I have been having this crazy cravings for some cupcakes/muffins for the past week now!
I have this specific wish to have some cupcakes/muffin loaded with a dollop of cream and colourful sprinkles. 
These kinds of muffins are simply the best kind of muffins/cupcakes ever! 
*check Twitter updates, to follow my cravings :)
I think I was starting driving everyone crazy by consistently asking for my cupcakes.

But today, I am satisfied.

So, ingredients for a happy Lisa includes.
  • Sprinkles, combination of some Dolphin shapes, cutest Dinosaurs, and some other random happy combination.

  • Some freshly made homemade muffins :) Mmmmm...
Yes, my muffins are of weird shapes. I call it individuality. :)

  • Some whipped cream
Assemble them together, and ta-dah! 
Picture perfect. Tastes even better! Try it! 

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