Saturday, 11 July 2009

065. Changing Blogger templates

Just to keep to the theme. Its all about me. Haha!

Now, here is my LisaStyle tutorial on Blogger templates. Be reminded that I know nothing about any of these things, I just work them out as I go. So, I give no guarantees! :)

I personally have always wanted my blog to look different from the default templates Blogger provides. Mainly because the ones that are provided just looks so blah. Not mentioning the fact that a million other people have them too!

Thus, I am always on the quest of trying to make my own or at least take it from somewhere. Only thing is, after a day of messing around, I realized I have been messing too much and the key to HTML and XHML is really, simplicity.

And HTML is really like a language, once you understand it, it really is rather simple. So, my suggestion is, read the HTML's instead of just copy and pasting it, you would be pleasantly surprised at how they code their images and texts if you just read between the lines. And once, you understand it, it gets really addicting and extremely fun to see how altering the codes gives such a different results! :)

So, when I wanted to change my template, what I did first, was obviously to just to Google "Blogger templates", and below are the few blogger template sites that I found and the problems that came along with it.
As much varieties as this site gave, generally most of the options there I found to be really tacky. 
There was too much colour and patterns and all the combinations of the weirdest things. Plus, I thought they were a bit too pretentious for me and just simply wouldn't do. 

Of course, there was some hidden gems embedded in between all that! So, if your willing to scroll hundreds of pages of pre-made blog templates, this is definitely the site to go! 

Now, the downside to that is. You are asked to download the HTML from that site and open a zip file. And then your supposed to alter your layout. At least for the 3 templates I tried, that does not work! It looks so messed up and the HTML was written so, un-orderly that its hard to try and alter things. 

Thus, my advice, stay away from it!

If you really want a relatively acceptable blog template, I suggest you use what I used, 

Heck, why am I even bothering explaining how to do this, they have one of the best and most comprehensive tutorial yet. And above all, it works! 

So there, tutorial failed. 

Last word of advice, if possible, choose flash embedding. In short, HTML is basically old school compared to Flash. 

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