Friday, 3 July 2009

061. Taste of summer

Photobooth vanity, what can I say?

A taste of summer, really is the taste of watermelons.

Believe it or not, I use to once have a fear of watermelons, if you know me, I generally have this phobia of seeds. I know its stupid, ridiculous and all, but a fear is a fear. My prophecy says that seeds are my worse enemy.

And you people who are laughing at my phobia of seeds, shattap already. You don't see me laughing at you who folks who have got phobia's of silly little spiders, heights, and what-not *giggles, heights (does a silent laugh) heights, Haha! *

A prophecy is a prophecy. Oh stop laughing already! I shall decide to not tell you after all! 

Let me tell you this though,
So, your boyfriend buys you dinner?
Takes you out to the movies?
Entertains your every tantrum?
Hrmph, mine does too. And he is über cute!
But you know what your my Boy does yours doesn't?
He burns gf's with a cooking pan! ("Accidentally")
Then the day after, makes you help him wax the car!
Take that beeches!  Does your boy do that?
Above all, somehow in all that I had a wonderful time. Haha!

Instead, let me bombard you with some "new" music, found from Magnar's Spotify playlists. And, the dude has got quite good music taste too!  Now, if only I can find that one song I heard over the telly a few days back. I would be happy. 

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