Sunday, 19 July 2009

070. Happy!

One of my favorite pictures ever. The clarity is beyond me. 
This was somewhere in the UK

Somebody's home. Therefore, I am rather happy. :) 
Now my phone bill might be manageable again! I am sure he feels the same. 
Yes Thomas, it was really nice to see you! *Giggles. 
They aren't that tan, in case your wondering.
Though, they both claimed to be bitten by some vampires. And I suppose I should leave it to them to do the explaining.

Haven't been doing too much lately, the past couple of days were generally spent with Torbjørn and Marius here and about. 

I figured it's about time to take a break from my long lengthy blog posts, and keep this one short and simple. So, let's spam you with pictures of me, me, me, me, and some other random people. :)

*Random note : We have all read FML, but which is sadder? MLIA (My Life Is Average) or the classic FML?
** Torbjørn once thought FML, was Fuck My Lord. Haha!

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