Sunday, 2 August 2009

079. Random Photobucket finds

Aww, wtfish? How cute!

I occasionally browse Photobucket to see all the awesome stuff people put up. Though, more often then not, 80% of the things there are simply tacky
It could be that maybe I just haven't mastered the art of finding those good ones. But usually you get those lovey dovey things. And it feels to me a bit too prissy? 

I know there is always Deviantart, but I mostly use DA for Photo's. 

Since I have nothing extra special to say today, figured I could share my daily finds. 
Today's category of Photobucket finds is Quotes and Sayings. 

In any case, I watched Perfume : Story Of A Murderer yesterday. Awesome awesome! The ending and some parts were really, Omgosh! But, I think it is overall a rather good film. It did make me want to get the book tomorrow. :)

And my verdict is : You should watch it too!

Today I shall watch The Colour Purple. 

I just realized, I haven't watched a bad movie in a while now. That could explain my movie marathon the past days. It could be that all the movies were chosen by me to begin with, added with the fact that a certain person is also more interested in watching Seth Cohen then entertaining me.  Hrmph. *coughkiddingcough*


Queen Messy said...

Likelikelike, the dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow :) Most awesome quote I have heard in long time :)

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just added up many different emo backgrounds for my blog


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