Friday, 28 August 2009

092. Creativity!

Here is something to distract you while I try and rob Magnar for some pictures of Scotland. Not like I have many at all. I think I was too busy living in the moment too take pictures, plus it wasn't a SLR quality pictures, so not worth taking any at all really.

Thus, no pictures = no blogging material.

And, I have smart enough to somehow, misplaced my camera in Scotland, somewhere.
What do you mean, 'lost'?

Lost is a harsh word, Ouch? *feelings got hurt. Runs to corner and pretend to cry. Hope you're happy now!

Haha! I'll live. Camera was getting a bit old anyways, and it wasn't producing good quality pictures anymore. :(

Right, watch the new Youtube phenomenon. I think its rather adorable! Creativity is love! 

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