Saturday, 1 August 2009

078. August already?

It's crazy to think soon its August already. Where did all my time went?
What did I achieve this year? If anything at all.
I could almost still vividly remember being in Times Square, New York during the 2009 countdown, alongside hundreds of thousands of people.
I thought that was not so long ago?
But it's 7 months since! Oh wow.

Oh well,in any case summer is coming to an end, 
Weather is starting to turn cold. 
The flowers wilting,
Sunshine fading.

I am hoping and praying for a good summers day next week. Just for a day, on 8th. 
Then perhaps I could do a party outdoors. 
*runs to check

Now, how trustworthy is this site? Because if it is, life is good. :)

Anyways, I finally watched Moulin Rouge, Slumdog Millionaire and The Kite Runner this week!
Phew, that was a long time since everyone else watched it! 
Making a review of it would be kind of stupid? Overall, all the movies were rather good. 
For The Kite Runner though, I have never really been a fan of books-turned-movie person, because in order to fit all that into a 2 hour movie was not possible, thus they tend to leave out important bits and pieces. :)

Today, I shall watched Phantom of the Opera or perhaps V for Vendetta!
*Hrm, I know what movie to put on next week too!

I have been nagging people, wanting to know what I am getting for my Birthday, but no one is telling me! Why not?

Oh, in any case, I think from my uncle and aunt, I would get the Trafikalt Grunkurs paid for by them. I did offer to pay half of it as well. But I guess that means, I'll be on the road soon. Be afraid?

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Queen Messy said...

Dagbladet agrees, no rain, 24º, halfway sunny. But they are probably using the same weather stations so I guess they should agree. We still have to wait yet a bit to be sure of anything though :)

Well I don't think the flowers are wilting just yet? That is a bit pessimistic :p Flowers are still pretty :)


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