Friday, 21 August 2009

089. Seeing yellow

A very happy and comfy retard.

Well, it's not like I have been doing nothing lately, in fact I have been rather busy. Thus, explains my delay in my excessive compulsive blogging.

Though, in reality... I do an equivalent of a small blog post everyday on my Twitter account! If only you knew... Haha! Follow me!

Anyways, to cut things short. In the past few days, I have actually gone to Oslo every single day for various reasons. In the past week I have :
  • Ate at Bislett kebab (their portions are huge! and with an even larger drink!)
  • Attended a political debate 
  • Went for tours and rounds about Oslo, collecting our free drinks from Deli De Luca!
  • Tried the Frappé from Mövenpick, not nice. :(
  • Watched the little kiddies ride their bikes for the Norwegian Grand Prix
  • Had a horrible streak of bad luck yesterday. :(
  • Got spoilt by Magnarboy with yellow coloured things. Munchkin is being extra cute, and occasionally emolicious these days. *Tsk, things puberty do to you. *Runs far away! I kid. I kid. :)
  • Got a huge blister on my toe. How now?
  • Above all, got hyped up for my trip to Scotland! I can't wait! I think it would be a great trip.

A warmable yellow heart and a LiveStrong armband, makes for a great vanity pictures.
Would you believe me if I said, that yellow thing is über comfy! 
Only the heat doesn't last that long... :( 

But I guess, I that just means I can run to Magnar for some warm cuddle instead. 
*Hee,why so cute?

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