Friday, 7 August 2009

081. Scotland <3

I am so excited! I suppose you can give it a guess why. *coughtitlecough*

I sort of pried The Boy to find out what I am getting for my birthday present this year!

I can tell you this now, so I don't have to like pretend to be all surprised on Saturday when I open my gifts. I have been trying to find out what everyone is getting me for a while now, but alas, no one is talking. This one, I sort of guessed my way :(

So apparently, from the most-awesome-boyf yet, I am going to Scotland for a few days! *Squee!*

I love Scotland. It's just so pretty and shopping there was wonderful, food was über yummy, everything is just so nice there, it's like a happy place. So I am excited I am going back!

Although Magnar doesn't like traveling with plans, I on the other hand, am such a control freak that if I didn't have a plan, I think I would go crazy. So, I am trying to find a middle ground here. So, perhaps I can just list out the things I want to do, but don't necessarily need to do them?

Or really, maybe I should just not make any plans. Period. 
Maybe for once, I could just go and have no expectations, because in expectations is where disappointment lies? 

And I have always wanted to be a hippie, so I should start now.
In any case, I can't wait! Have I told you how much I love Scotland already? ♥


Catzy said...

Aww! How nice! A romantic trip to Scotland for your birthday, can it get any better? When are you going?

Looking forward for tomorrow!

Lisa rock your socks! said...

24th to 27th, last I've heard. :D

I am looking forward to tomorrow too, if only I can get everything cleaned today.
*looks around, nope. I give up*


Catzy said...

Forget the cleaning, we will mess it up anyways :p

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Exactly what I said to my aunt!

Then she gave the 'the look'
The one where it silently meant, "Clean the house, or no party"


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