Wednesday, 12 August 2009

084. Pieces of metal

For the lack of a better picture

In case you haven't read some of my Twitter updates, I lost my iPod a couple of days ago when I was going to the orientation for new students at the Høyskolen. I had that iPod for a grand total of about 1 day and some hours. 

I was pretty upset about it. 
So, it got me thinking, it is quite crazy how some pieces of metal could cause so much emotion, when I am really not generally a person who ever cries or show any sad emotion. So, why suddenly so emotional?

I knew it was not because it costs a lot of money. I could buy another.
I knew it was not because it was brand new, but that mattered too. Just not significant enough.

But I think deep inside knew I want it back so badly, because Magnar gave it to me. And one way or another, he has worked for it. And here I was, being an ass and losing it like it was not at all important.

So when I insisted Magnar yelled at me for being so stupid. The first thing he said was "You silly girl" and he was not at all mad at me. Which made me, even madder at myself. And for a whole entire day, I was insisting he at least yells at me. Get mad at me.

He did none of that, but insisted it was a silly iPod. I don't think people would understand this, but I felt horrible and I thought, it would make me feel better if he was mad at me. 

To cut this short, I found it back yesterday, after asking literally every random person I know if they have seen an iPod lying about. But the whole event just made me realize how, really, money can't always buy everything. And to some extent, I am quite a sentimental person

And Magnar, as much as I complain about him, he is really quite amazing. So you team Magnar people, take your credit. Rub it in my face. Hrmph.

I cant wait for the trip Scotland munchkin. :)

I got paid today! First paycheck, and already with 50% to taxes. Since I didn't hand in my tax forms.

Gee, Thank You.
I will get it back next year, so... sigh*

But, now I see how working is addicting. And I want to try this lifestyle for a year!

In addition, I have decided after attending a few days at the Høyskolen/College, I don't want that lifestyle this year. So, I will need to go on serious job hunt this week.


Queen Messy said...

Oh ok never mind the sms. But let me know if it got there. What job applications have you sent in?

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Every random one on Romerike's Blad. :)
Wish me luck.

By the way, Reeses are running low. :(
Sugar high running out too.

Queen Messy said...

Good luck :) Running out already??? That was fast :( You gotta take your time on the lat few ones, I have no idea how to even send a package from over here :s

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Because they were deeeeeeelish. Nam nam!

Well, you go to the post office would be my first, advice?
And, you should find out soon. I feel... a tingly sensation that tells me perhaps there would be some F21 dresses calling my name.

And, free shipping in America.


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