Thursday, 6 August 2009

080. Pictures

Not like I have anything better to tell about, but here are more pictures of ... me. Who would have guessed?

The past days is spent cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. It's a wonder how suddenly the house feels like it has so many corners! Bah.
And since my aunt knows that it is my party I am holding this weekend, I am put to the cleaning duties. :(

It takes so much time cleaning, because when you clean an area, the next gets messy again, then you clean that, then you have not finished the job you were intending to do, then you go on to that, and then the vicious circle never ends! 
Above all, where did all these clothes come from, it is like you can never throw away enough! Soon it is going to feel like I am being eaten alive from the clothes I buy. And really, I don't buy very much at all. So where does all these clothes come from?

No, not ruining a picture at all

But Smeagol had to play too! She was not getting enough attention. Haha!

I am still waiting for some pictures from Johanne *coughslowcough* so I can rant about how good the food is at Fratellis!

Oh, maybe next post I can make a tutorial on how to make the Lady Gaga style hair bow! Or you can watch the tutorial *clickable* yourself on Youtube. There are plenty! 
I tried, but it kind of failed. It was too messy and I had no hair spray. 

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