Friday, 7 August 2009

082. Pictures

Johanne and Mariuses Pancakes with wild-berries and ice cream at Fratelli, Lillestrøm.

Pictures! I feel like such a random photo blogger. :)
Probably because Johanne's camera is like mighty awesome. I'll miss your camera Johanne! *sniff

Find Bodung, and you might find me.

It is all about balance baby, balance

Those two, need no comments.

Now, I cannot stress enough how awesome the food is at Fratelli, Lillestrøm.

Johanne, Marius and I went over there a couple of days ago and it was still awesome as ever. Food is really crazy delicious! Everyone should give it a try. The portions were slightly large, but that is probably just me. The service was really good too, and they tend to be a bit more alert if you smile like a maniac.

Maybe I should write words so Search engines like Google can find it "spiser steder i Lillestrøm" "Fratelli, Lillestrøm" (I ran out of ideas) 
Then again, maybe not. Because if they were famous everyone would go and eat there, and I would never get a table. Not mentioning it would probably double in price if there was such a demand. So, shhhhhh. 

Number 17 on the menu. (Insert fancy Italian name)
Some pasta rolls with parma ham and spinach, cooked in cream cheese sauce.
Wtheck? How did I remember that? Orgasmic. :)

Even taste really good the way I like eating them, separated. 

My Chocolate Fondant. 

Need I say more?

*There is no picture of yesterdays outing with Magnarboy. :( We had a beer, well I had some sips of my beer at one of the stalls in Karl Johan. Then we headed over to Mövenpick (I am sure I am missing some ö/ë) for some of the most delicious ice creams ever! All that added with The Boy. Mmmmm

Life is good. :)


Catzy said...

OMG! We were in Oslo yesterday as well, eating Mövenpick at Aker Brygge! Maybe we passed eachother without noticing. ^^ Delish ice they´ve got there.

Lisa rock your socks! said...

Haha! Well, we were at the the one in Karl Johan. :)

But, who knows, it's been ages since I last saw you? Maybe you now look so different that I pass you without noticing anymore. :/

Or it could be that we were there about 10 PM last night. :D


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