Friday, 14 August 2009

085. Guess we are on 15?

Magnarboy and I finally took a trip to Fratelli together yesterday. I think everyone has heard enough of me going on and on about how good the food at Fratelli is. Thus, I guess I shall spare the ramblings. 

Give it a try!

Though, as much as I liked the Seafood Tagiatelle, it wasn't as good as my classic "#17"

And since, it's been a while since we went out for a Magnar-Lisa day, it was only appropriate?

In June I was in Malaysia. And I sent over a leprechaun to drop off Malaysian candy over at the Hjelmstad's postbox.
In July, Magnar was in Greece. Though apparently this 'other girl' gave him flowers.
It's now August. 

Sometimes you look back, and realize how fast time flies! Wow!

Unfortunately this time, there was no pictures of the food, for one.. I don't think we can be bothered and secondly, the missing camera could also be a factor. *coughJohannecough*

Though, a word of advice if you want to dine at Fratelli, book a table beforehand. :)

Stolen off Magnar's Twitter.
I can explain my hair situation. Voluming shampoo, voluming spray, and curlers... Yeah, horrible!

After Fratelli. We went over to the cinema and caught Hangover. 
It was a really funny feel good movie. I actually liked it a lot. 

I guess we didn't do too much extra ordinary things, but I was with an extra-ordinary guy. And above all, I had an awesome time and even more memories to treasure.

Guess who's turning 19 tomorrow! *hintMEhint*


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Lisa rock your socks! said...

Haha! Flattered, but it really is the lighting of that place and heavy mascara! :)


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