Monday, 17 August 2009

087. Job hunting

In desperate need for pictures. :(

Will I catch any jobs?

Well, today has basically involve me and my job hunting sessions. 
Applied for a couple of jobs and I hope to land them before I leave for Scotland, though at first glance, the job I already have with Skedsmo Kommune would secure me some extra time from UDI, about 3 months worth. So, it really is not the end of the world. :)

Yesterday, I watched Orphan. I got to say it has to be one of the better horror films yet!
Loads of twists and unexpected things! Watch! 
And I found out yesterday, it was produced/directed by Leonardo DiCaprio. :)
Didn't know Mr.Titanic makes horror films!

Thing about scary films is that, I have this love-hate relationship with it. As much as I love watching it, I am a serious chicken. The moment the 'scary music' plays... I press PAUSE. 
Then I look for comfort from the surrounding people. Which, usually... happens to be my baby bolster. Oh, I realized, as much as I am a chicken... it feels like everyone else is too. Haha!
No one ever wants to watch a horror film with me, except Torbjørn. And he really is not the bravest kind either. Haha! 

Well, that is all for now! 
I got nothing to say till I get hold of more pictures! 


rina said...

put some clothes on.

then, remember all those time u forced me to watch all those dreadful horror movies with u knowing very well that i don't find horror movies enjoyable to watch? its so boring, i never got scared. just got bored.

Lisa rock your socks! said...


It's called a tube top, Zara :)


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