Friday, 14 August 2009

086. Reflections

*Long long post coming up!

An hour till my birthday. :)
It always is a little bit bittersweet. Thinking about what I have achieved, and what opportunities I missed.

Another year has passed.
I am another year older
In numbers, not necessarily in terms matureness.

This are some of the times of the year which I just sit and reflect. 
Reflect on what has passed, and what I hope to achieve.
Reflect on what I think is important, and reflect on what I have to let go.
Reflect on what is realistic, and reflect on what is an illusion.
Reflect on what is true, and what is spun by delusion.

Some things need to change.
Others shall remain the same.

*Pause : That was starting to rhyme.

Figured it is best I do a picture post this time, or I'll start to write incoherent words. 

August 2008
The Start of being 18

18th Birthday.

September 2008
Not the greatest times of my life really. Just looking back, there weren't many pictures, weren't too many happy posts, weren't too many anything. Guess, it was a little mellow-dramatic?

Excerpt of some private posts written last year. 
Gosh I wrote a whole page long! Emo-overload!

"But in my point of view.
Its just the way I want it. 
Its the way that works for me. Its the only way I was given, and therefore I shall work with only this. 
All those questions.
All those unanswered questions.
Oh well, I'll let tomorrow come, and tomorrow will show me more. Tomorrow I'll learn, and tomorrow I will gain even more."

October 2008
Another month without pictures. :(
I probably just lost them when the HD crashed.
From my blog at least, looks like I was still under my emo phase. Geeeeee, Lisa! Gee!

Excerpt from a private October 08 posts.
" (...)
Who am I running from anyways?
Why am I running anyways?
Answer is clear. Really.

Fear all this information might one day be used to get back at me.
Why open up to the world that much right.
They dont really care about you anyways. People are really just looking for things to talk
ABOUT you anyways.
Not with you"

November 2008
Looks like things are starting to turn out for the better. Loads of happy pictures, loads of happy posts.

Excerpt from a private November 08 posts.
"Ever felt like getting up and dancing,
Singing your lungs out for no apparent reasons,
Dancing in the rain, 
Being random.

Without any real reasons or expectations
I guess it gives me a tingly sensation"

December 2008
I guess going to New York City would be the highlight? Times Square on New Years eve. 3 weeks of random wondering in USA with the less than demonic sister... I guess it truly was an experience. 

Looks like you can still read my archive on the 3 weeks American trip here *clickable!

I think I should stop for now, I can do a Part 2 tomorrow :)
Basically, life just took a turn for the better after that. I guess I hit a revelation? I saw something worth fighting for? I grew?
Whatever it is, it has made me what I am today.

I shall end with the last picture of me being 18. Taken with the Photobooth, right about.. now.

Happy Birthday Lisa! :)

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