Monday, 30 November 2009

150. Life really is fragile

Life is really fragile, but will I ever really know it?

(Use Google translate if you need to understand her)

I've been reading almost every post Regine made, and I thought I shared some thoughts.
That blog evoked so many emotions, I don't know how to begin.

I am not trying to sympathized her or anything (okay, sympathized is not a good word) but, you understand. I don't think she wants sympathy, she wants people to hear her story.

The more I read her story, the more it made me feel, selfish.

Selfish that I usually only think about my own problems, which really is absolutely insignificant to what so many people out there are having to go through. As Marius said, when we were 18, did we even do anything significant to remember? Right there, did we just wasted our precious life away?

And above all that, I know that after reading this blog, in a few days, hours even. I'll go back to being my old selfish self. It is not like I have never heard of stories like this before. I have. We all have.
What makes this story any different?
Sure, it hurts reading it now, but will it still hurt next week when we are then again surrounded by our loved ones, happily enjoying the warm sunshine.

Did we change after reading all the previous blogs/movies/what-nots about other people's suffering?
No, not really.

If you did, what did you do? Did you donate more money to cancer research?
Do you really think that is enough?

What do you suggest I do?
Cry for her being? Do you really think she wants us to that for her?
If you could trade your life for hers, would you?

I believe now, that truth is.. we are selfish people, and we will probably die selfish too.

I know I sound negative right now, but I guess I am little bit disappointed at myself. Disappointed that I can only watch and read as her life gets much worse by the day. All I can do is watch as her world crumbles and falls apart. There is nothing more I can do.

I do know now, that sometimes I really need to count my blessings. Because I am so selfish, and I always want more more more from life. I always forget to look back and see, how I do have it quite good.

I don't see how it takes a dying girls perspective for me to understand how fragile life really is. I should stop wanting more, and begin... living.
We all really need to begin living. For we just might never know. :(

(Irony is : 2 minutes before I got to that link, I was just about to complain about how my day has been. That is definitely not happening today at least)


Queen Messy said...

I think we just need to maximize the happiness we have around us. Unless you do something super noble with your life like being a doctor or researcher about cancer, then just make anybody's life better. If someone dies, then at least they had a happy life before that. So we want to make sure anybody who dies from anything, before they're supposed to , has fully enjoyed their life up until that point. So, assuming random strangers are all going to die tomorrow, make their day, be nice, give them a hug, tell them about happy things and make them smile. Distract them from the scary truth. Also, for the people who are left, after someone dies, the same applies. Be supportive, let them know that despite life being sucky there are still good things left, and the person who died had a happy life first, even if it was short...

That is really all we can do, but it helps.

Nanie M. Ali said...

I feel ya Lisa..
I complained a lot about my life. But there are people out there who are in worse condition. Guess we should all be thankful for what we have now.

But like you said - we're all selfish being. We read such blog, feel sorry for a while, tell ourselves to not be selfish. But 10mins later - we're back to our old self.

Thank you for the link.

kenwooi said...

yeah there are many other different of life going on around the world, many that we dont really know of.. and sometimes we think we're going thru a bad phrase in life, im sure there are worse out there =)

rina said...

You stupid girl, donate money to muscular dystrophy research instead will ya.
That's my disease and I'm dying too, but you don't see me being all contemplative and shit. Life is only worthwhile whilst one is alive! And cancer is just cancer, it makes no difference what deadly disease, people have. There are worse disease than cancer, at least with cancer you have something you can do, you should see the people with brain damage I see during physiotherapy. They are the most kesian amongst all ok! But whatever, I just don't think you should feel sorry for them if you're not going to actually help them. They are not a pity case and shit. Like, they're not there for your pity sake to feel sorry for them. Unless you wanna contribute to actually making their life better, there is no reason why you should sympathize and feel sorry for them, it will just make them feel worse, like they're some sort of specimen to be contemplated or something. Give me a break.
LOL!!! I love having an incurable disease! It gives me the moral right to criticize all those other dying people since I'm on the same boat. Wheeeeee!!!! (And just for a post script, I hate people who use their disease to gain sympathy, uugh!!! I've even heard stories of people faking diseases to manipulate others, and they are the lowest of scum!)

Anonymous said...

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