Monday, 1 February 2010

202. February Resolutions.

Can you really believe it is already February? It feels like it was just yesterday that it was the New Years!

So, intending to keep up my plan for resolutions here are my resolutions for February.

1. Lose 5 to 8 pounds.
Just so I get back to where I was prior holiday season.

2. Keep track of where my money goes
Spend at most 1000 NOK on clothes shoes and complete junks I always end up buying. Eating out should be kept to 3 or 4 times a week!

3. One "vegan day" a week
If I cant be a vegetarian everyday, once a week is quite good, no?

4. Work out more often
I am hoping to gradually build up better stamina and strength.

5. Practice Latin
Practice, practice, practice

6. Appreciate the people around me
Sometimes I really take for granted whats already there. In search for something more, I forget to see whats beside me.

7. Get in touch with some old friends and family.
I haven't gotten in touch with friends back in Malaysia in such a long time.

8. Continue to be happy?
I don't have that much ambitions and aims for next month, for I am relatively quite contented where I am right now. 

9. Save!
I got so much summer plans, its insane. So if I want a shopping spree in the summer, I better start saving.

10. Live

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