Saturday, 3 October 2009

108. About driving

So, I just got back from driving halfway into Sweden, well in proper terms, I did drive all the way to the Custom border between Sweden/Norway.

Well, any further and it would have been illegal. Oh, and to my utter disappointment back again too. *sigh

Uncle thought I did okay on main road and when the speed limits are high, but my swings and roundabouts does need some work still. That just sounded dangerous, but I do actually like highways so much better because there is so much more room for anything really.

You would think that after all my talks on wanting to drive (though, honestly... I don't recall any) I would want to be behind the wheels. But truth being told... I don't.

Which glamourous people you know drives? It's called drivers and a boyfriend. Why drive?

I like being driven, I like being able to sleeeeeeep 2/3 of long car journeys, I like having McDonalds nuggets with dips and all on the back seat, I like being able to drink from a cup as slowly as I want.

I like that and I like and a whole lot more. But being behind the drivers seat, means I can do none of the above. And everyone else in the car can! :(

Now, the uncle and aunt want me to start going to driving school, so I can start learning properly and eventually reaching the ultimate goal of being their personal taxi chauffeur. I am sure that is their evil plan! I can sense it...

Oh well, maybe once I get the hang of it it would come more naturally, and requires less concentration and thinking?

Oh, and if I want a license its because now everyone has it! With their latest member Sofie! (Congrats btw!)
I dont know how you guys do it *Takes hat off, polite bow*

Takes hats off to anyone with a license for that matter, I don't see why you would do it, and I have officially found a new found respect for drivers, I didn't know how annoying it is for drivers with pedestrians like me till now...

Last pictures are just for you Thomas,
Yes. I do take a pile of pictures then publish the ones I think are awesome-er first.
Well, I am showing you now why... Not all my pictures are good the first time around and I love pulling too much faces. I got some dignity. :)

If I were to write you a poem,
What would it say?
If I were to write you a song,
Will my words form a tune,
If I were to just spun a line,
How do you know it's mine?
And if I were to keep it simple with words,
Are you willing to listen for what it's worth?

-Poem from when I was 16 or something. :)


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