Tuesday, 13 October 2009

115. My day, today

No, she is not your Facebook friend, so stop adding her! Or Magnar!
There was this Soda thing that you were supposed to vote for, but I can't find the link now :(

I sense that today will be a good day! :)

I am going to insist when I meet George and Marius later to join me to Hard Rock Cafe instead of McDonalds or whatever else we always eat, for they after-all cost the same. And, I have been super good with my diet I deserve a bit of a splurge?

Calorie splurge that is...

Other than that, I have decided that I am going to start my own blog shop! I need a good name for my "shop". Reasons for starting that is partly for my project work of marketing and merchandising and partly just because my closet is literally speeeeewing out. I almost fear my life whenever I open it.

Oklah, not that dramatic, but I do have got too much things.

I do not know the legal sides to that as of now, but I shall find out :) Though I am probably targeting the Malaysian market. I mean, who wants things they can get themselves in the shops here right?

Pfft. Will update you guys on that later anyways!

Then later today, I think I shall go see Magnar if he still want to join me for sushi! :)
Happy, 17 months? ♥

*Don't ask why there is a picture of me.
So,can today get better?
I hope you have a great day too, all you awesomecakes™!

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