Sunday, 25 October 2009

125. Oh how I miss you.

Oh how I miss you my darling camera. It really is about time I go get myself a new one. I am reading loads of reviews and I still can't decide DSLR or Compact?

Pictures from yesterday and today! Magnar pulled a Lisa stunt and left his camera here, so I ransacked the house and found a cable! And ta-dah! Pictures!

Spot the difference? Does the Pepsi really make the picture uglier?

My carbonara pasta with bacon bits!

One of them is Coke, the other Pepsi. Can you guess which is which?

I look like such a working woman. So unglamorous.

My lunch today! Salads with all my favorite things!

Then I got bored and proceeded onto making some meringue!
Super easy to make and super yummy. *CoughFattenningCough*

Since I ate up all my Double Cream yesterday, I was left with using Marshmellow Fluff as my center. Then I found some dried coconuts and sprinkled that over as well! :)

Okay, I love cooking, I hate admitting that, but I actually enjoy doing it.
I like simple things, nothing too fancy.

Now, if only cooking doesn't involve cleaning up afterwards, I would be cooking all day long! :)

I shall drop the recipe for these on my next post?


Queen Messy said...

Lisa I miss you! You have to get a DSLR, of course! 450 is super :) Why do you not have your awesome little compact camera anymore? All your food sounds delicious. I miss your food so much! I love your variation and inventiveness and enthusiasm! I want that salad! Lots of it! Drool :p

Lisa! said...

Lost it in Scotland, remember?
Don't even have pictures from Scotland anymore... :P

Come home soon, and I'll make you LOADS! :P

Thomas said...

Crazy woman.

Pepsi does make pictures look ugly. People should find anti-pepsi, and spill it on their pictures.

Pepsi is on the left, Coke on the right in that picture.

The meal looked very sweet and romantic :)

Lisa! said...

Excuse me?
For once how is Marshmallow Fluff, evil? (Bolded and all)?

And omfg! How did you figure the Pepsi and Coke thing! You are right! Now, tell me, how did you do it!

Magnar look, Thomas said the meal was sweet and romantic, not the working woman. =_="


Thomas said...

Firstly, marshmallow fluff is evil, there's no question about it!

Secondly, the pepsi is more see-through, I believe. There's something about the left glass.


Lisa! said...

The only reason why I think Marshmallow fluff is evil for WOMAN is that its horribly fattening.

I don't want to tell you how much calorie it contains. *Sigh.

Aahh, I like smart partner in crimes Thomas! Especially one that can detect a difference between Pepsi and Coke! I am sure that would come to some good use eventually!


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