Monday, 19 October 2009

118. Not weekend again

Aww :)
Oh well, its Monday now.
Where did my weekend go? Hrmph.

On Saturday I had the Munchkin over and we watched Pulp Fiction! (well, watched halfway anyway) :)
It's nice that Magnar now comes over on weekends! So, my excessive going over to Lillestrøm is somewhat more "balanced". And the fact that I always have loads of fun! Guess that's the ultimate goal?

Yesterday, I was actually out and about collecting donation for the Norwegian TV auction! It's basically a Norwegian thing where all household donates to a cause. This year's cause was CARE

Then, Magnar and I watched Mamma Mia! I have actually never watched that movie until yesterday! So, that was nice.

Guess that is all I did last weekend?

Dinner at the Hjelmstad's! Sudden cravings for this. Why?

The little birdy I made! I call it, happy birdy!
(Yes, I just got out of bed, stop whining!)

But, I realize now... Guess my weekends aren't too bad anyways.

Catch you guys later!

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