Sunday, 25 October 2009

124. Sunday Morning

So, yesterday marked the end of my home alone spree.
I had an absolutely fantastic time with Magnar.

Although the day started out with me having to take a bus to Lillestrøm. And I hate busses. Period.
Anyways, I made Carbonara Pasta with bacon bits and some Salad. :)

The Carbonara was rather good, only next time I shall actually have salt in it.
And for the Salad, I need to learn to make some good dressing eventually.
*Emphasize, I

Then we watched Aeon Flux and Wall-e.
Talked about a lot of random shizz. From end of the world, to infidelity to a bunch of rubbish!

Then it was almost 1 am and Magnar had to go home.
See, because life is a journey. On the way home, Magnar met a burning car.
*News tip and picture taken by Magnar himself. Haha!

I don't exactly have all the details as I forgot my phone in Lillestrøm (yet again) and thus have got no contact with the outside world.
But once I get the specifics right, I'll tell you! :)

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