Saturday, 31 October 2009

129. Closet cleaning!

Oh hai!

I complain so much about my closet spewing out junk that I thought today, Wtheck. Let's really clean this mess up.

So I did.
And now, I am so proud of myself I want to go hug myself.

I found things to throw, things to sell, things to donate, things that I just want to burn because I don't know what prompt me to buy it, and some things that definitely do not belong to me.

So yeah. That was my day today.

Now, I found some things I might want to "sell" on my "Blogshop" so, I guess that is partly exciting? I think I might update that page tomorrow!

Okay, got nothing more to say for now, got to get dress for Magnar's Halloween meet? I know it is not a Costume Party or anything, but what if I wanted to come as something awesome? Hrmph.

But this Russel Peter's is hilariously good. (I refuse to admit that it is kind of true...)
Watch it for a good Saturday laugh!

I am ranting now, but isn't that what I always do anyways?


Catzy said...

"Share with me!!!"
Oh I love Russel Peters ^^

Lisa! said...

I love Russel too just because he is, true. :P
I have to admit, I am quite like that! Haha!


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